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Cody Knauss
Personal Move Assistant

I started moving people professionally in 2010.  I had zero experience, but I wanted to help people and moving felt like a good way to do that.  Over the last twelve years I've estimated and planned about a thousand jobs, moved a few thousand sofas and packed roughly 15,000 boxes.   Eventually, your skills become a gift.  Within a few minutes of walking into a home I know how many boxes, trucks and labor hours it will take to get moved.  

But moving is so much more than just sofas and boxes, isn't it?  It's the little things that make moving so challenging.  It's putting the rooms back together, transferring over food and houseplants. It's getting unpacked and organized so your new house feels like home.  It's hanging artwork on your new walls.  Those little, ancillary tasks can be overwhelming and, unfortunately, turn what should be an enjoyable experience into a nightmare. 

I help clients plan out their entire move then give special attention to all the little things. 

How can I help you? 

#1- Prepare

Cost estimate, schedule movers, declutter, pack and plan logistics.

#2 - Move Out

Direct move team, assist with specialty items, transfer food, move house plants, etc. 

#3 - Move In

Assist move team, unpack, organize, make beds, set up TV's, etc. 

#4 - Get Settled

Art installation, furniture assembly and minor A/V set up.

Call or text me @ 303.877.0869

Email if you have to @

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